The Value of Natural Stone Slabs: GTA Renovators’ Top Choice for Materials

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GTA homeowners and renovation experts understand the value of natural stone slabs.  Keep reading to find out for yourself.
Few home-renovation decisions will be more immediately gratifying and self-justifying than the decision to incorporate natural stone slabs. GTA fabricators, contractors, and homeowners alike recognize the immense and varied benefits to installing natural granite or natural marble into kitchens countertops, bathroom vanities, or as floor tiles virtually anywhere in the home. In terms of durability, ease of ownership, and sheer, breathtaking beauty, it is impossible to overstate the benefits of natural stone accents of fixtures.

Unique, Ageless Beauty

While there are myriad materials available to transform your kitchen or bathroom into something a little more attractive, artificial composites or engineered stone substitutes simply don’t measure up. When looking at the swirling, kaleidoscopic patterns of a piece of marble or at the intricate geometric designs found in every piece of natural granite, you can’t help but be enveloped in an appreciation for the wonderful artistry of nature itself. Formed over eons by unimaginably powerful geologic forces, these breathtaking substances bring to bear the very history of the planet right into your kitchen. Every piece of granite or slab of marble is unique in the truest sense of the word, but it’s not a simple case of vanity that makes this appealing. Rather, it’s the awe-inspiring knowledge that every time you run your hands over your new countertops, you’re touching a pattern of hue, colour, and light that does not exist anywhere else on earth.


It’s often said or assumed that natural marble countertops are a luxury item, or that it’s mere extravagance to install granite kitchen accents. The real truth is that skimping on your kitchen renovation materials is no more than false economy. Sure, you save a little money up front by opting for a cheaper alternative, but spending a little less now on something that will need to be replaced in a matter of years is hardly a more frugal option than investing in, say, a durable granite bathroom vanity that will hold up to everyday use for decades. Essentially, the question is this: how much is it worth to never again have to plan, pay for, and complete a kitchen-renovation or bathroom-remodelling project? Natural stone accents are incredibly durable  and delightfully low maintenance. After the simple application of a sealing agent, they’re virtually impermeable, easy to clean, and impressively resistant to heat, abrasion, or stains. When you consider the cost and hassle of having to repair or replace kitchen countertops made from a cheaper material, and the added worry about trying to protect them from day-to-day life and wear, there’s no question that natural stone tile or slabs are the sound choice, stylistically and economically.
If you’re looking for the perfect way to add a touch of timeless class and awesome durability to your kitchen or bathroom renovation project, take a look at natural stone slabs. GTA homeowners who are willing to make the initial investment into granite or marble kitchen or bathroom fixtures reap the rewards for decades to come, making it one of the most satisfying decisions possible regarding your home.